At JMC we have a well established system of ensuring a smooth transition from class room to the work place. To make the best use of opportunities , we put the students through rigorous practical training programmes, including attending out patient departments(OPDs) of respective disciplines, attending out reach camps as part of community healthcare and hands on training in these camps. Subsequently those students who are in their final stages are given independent patient management under supervision of specialists. At JMC we are proud to say that our students are accepted by the healthcare industry with open arms and are given preference for jobs over other students. Their starting salary is usually @ Rs. 1.8 lacs(+) annually, which keeps rising with the experience. We are proud to report 100% placement for our first batch starting 2016. We believe that our students are our wealth. They are the ones who bring name and fame for the institution. All our paramedical and allied courses are 100% job oriented and are essential for healthcare sector. As per statistics there is a severe shortage for these personnel. They are in great demand in the government jobs as well as private hospitals and clinics. They being bonafide students of organisations like UP State Medical Faculty and RCI , New Delhi, are given preference for government jobs.